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Goodfloss 2-Pack
Goodfloss 2-Pack
Goodfloss 2-Pack
Goodfloss 2-Pack

Goodfloss 2-Pack

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Product Details

Two boxes of our favorite portable flosser & toothpick sets!

Either at home or on the go, we designed Goodfloss to be the size of a credit card, so it will fit into your wallet, purse or pocket; the ideal flossing tool wherever you are.

  • Made from vegetable starch-based PLA bioresin.
  • Each card of 4 flossers is packed in a paper envelope for portability.
  • Each box holds 10 cards (40 flossers/picks).

What is PLA bioresin?

Goodfloss and Premium toothbrush refill heads are made of polylactic acid (PLA), which is a plastic substitute made from a base of fermented plant starch. It is compostable in anaerobic environments, meaning a controlled industrial composting facility, which may not be available in your area. We’re trying to stay at the forefront of material technology, and PLA is the best alternative to petroleum-based plastics that both performs with the necessary strength and is available to us on the market for raw materials. We’re testing experimental materials like PHA, which is degradable in marine environments (awesome!), but it doesn’t work very well for the flosser or brush head because it’s too flexible in the existing formulation. If you run a company working on next-generation bioresin, please get in touch with us!

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A better flosser for you
and the planet

Made of plant-based PLA bioresin, these flossers are designed to be sustainable and effective.

Plastic free flosser and toothpick

Floss + Pick

Each individual flosser also has a toothpick when hinged to position.

Designed for portability

Put one in your wallet, purse or carry in your pocket.

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