Finally, the sustainable choice looks good and works well.

Are you ready to make a small change with a big impact? We’re leading the way in creating a more sustainable oral care industry — and making it easy for you to help. With brand-new technology and the latest in recyclable and compostable materials, we’re fighting the good fight against pollution and single-use plastic. Join us. Pick your favorite brush, and we’ll pair it with our all natural Pacific Mint toothpaste, delivered every three months, just like your dentist recommends.


Premium Subscription Bundle

With our Premium Brush, you get the simplicity of a manual brush but with a little more polish and a lot less waste. Keep the recycled aluminum handle for life, and twist on a new bioresin brush head every three months for a fresh cleaning. With its sleek design and charcoal-infused bristles, the Premium Brush gives you a superior brushing experience that’s better for your oral health and the planet.

Available in Black, Gold, or Silver.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Premium Brush with replaceable brush head

  • 1 Pacific Mint Toothpaste

To start, your first delivery includes the complete Premium Brush (handle + brush head). Subsequent deliveries include just the replacement brush head. Every delivery includes Pacific Mint toothpaste.


$30 to start

$15 every 3 months

Upgrade Your Toothbrush

"Ended up here in search of a subscription service that would just send me a new toothbrush on a monthly basis to prompt me to regularly change mine out. I'm really happy with the toothbrush, I feel the bristles move better around my teeth than a standard toothbrush."


10 JAN 2020


"I love this toothbrush and the brush heads make my teeth feel wonderfully clean while remaining gentle on my gums!"


22 FEB 2020

Best Toothbrushes Ever!

"I am glad I ordered! The toothbrush makes me feel fancy, and I feel like I'm taking charge of my oral health by getting replacement brushes, and I love that they're biodegradable! Thank you so much for this!"


15 FEB 2020

About our Premium Brush

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for ways to reduce the single-use plastic in your life. The Premium Brush makes it easy, with an innovative mix of recycled aluminum and degradable bioplastic that makes for 70 percent less waste than a plastic toothbrush. Bristles are infused with activated charcoal, which balances the pH in your mouth and has natural antibacterial properties that fend off bad breath and tooth decay.

Pacific Mint Toothpaste

With a blend of fresh mint and Jacobsen’s hand-harvested sea salt, our all-natural toothpaste is tasty and effective. The vegan-friendly formula is free of synthetics, preservatives, colorants, and fluoride, and the sugarcane tube is recyclable.