How It Works


STEP ONE is to say hello to Goodwell. The world leader in modern and sustainable subscription based oral care. If you want to save the planet and look real good doing it all the while saving some time and money, Goodwell is for you. Welcome!


STEP TWO is decide wheter or not you want to subscribe and save, or just get your stuff and visit our site again on a later date to re-up on your goods. If you are subscribing, there are 3 tiers of subscription: GOOD / GOODER / GOODEST. The GOOD subscription is $6 every-other month for either our Bamboo + Binchotan toothbrush, or Goodfloss products. The GOODER subscription is $10 every-other month for our premium toothbrush and biodegradable brush attachments. The GOODEST subscription is for our Premium toothbrush Kit, complete with biodegradable brush, tongue scraper, flosser and a sleek travel case PLUS a box of Goodfloss delivered to your doorstep every-other month.


STEP THREE is the easiest of them all, simply set it and forget it! Once you’re all signed up, the rest is all on us. Sit back and enjoy the wellness and the savings. Mother earth and your CPA will thank you later, now it’s time to #brushgoodwell !