We are Goodwell Co.

Goodwell Co. is on a mission to design beautiful, healthy tools and technologies to redefine the oral care category sustainably and with purpose.

Thinking Beyond

We go beyond—beyond electric (yes, Be. Brush), beyond wasteful, beyond expectations that sustainable, beautiful design and functionality can’t co-exist; because they can and they do—in everything we create.

Drawing on years of design and engineering expertise across a range of industries, we're working to improve product life cycles from start to finish. The oral care category is just the beginning.

We’re a partner and champion of the global sustainability community, and our products incorporate sustainable, compostable and recyclable materials, and always come in plastic-free packaging. Our inspiration comes from our commitment to protecting our beautiful planet, while helping people everywhere adopt healthier personal care routines.

Innovation & Health

Our focus on innovation drove us to create the Be. Brush—the world's first battery-free oscillating toothbrush. Dentists recommend an electric toothbrush, and the Be. Brush is a kinetic alternative to battery-hungry electric brushes.

We're dedicated to creating environmentally conscious products that empower people to make better choices in their daily oral care routine. Our products redefine the human ritual of personal care through innovation, technology, and impact.

Be. Brush

The beginning of our commitment to a cleaner future.

Environmental Commitment

We're a Climate Neutral company, so you can feel great about at least two things you do every single day by simply using our products to reduce your carbon footprint through our carbon offset partnership.

We're also a 1% for the Planet member company, meaning we allocate one percent of our revenue to initiatives that give back to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet. We're deeply involved in design and innovation efforts in our business and beyond and believe that good design will be the catalyst to solving some of the world's seemingly intractable problems.

We've been recognized by the likes of National Geographic, Fast Company, and SELF for our unique alternative approach to oral care.