MAD Love for Earth Month

We are thrilled to have our toothbrushes included in the eco-friendly MAD Travel Kits (Make a Difference), launched by soccer star Lauren Barnes of Seattle’s OL Reign to celebrate Earth Month.

As part of her sustainability efforts in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), these kits include a selection of eco-friendly products “from toothbrushes and soap to protein powder and kitchen utensils that meet everyday needs of the typical professional athlete…and stocked exclusively by companies that have a proven track record of sustainable production.”


Together with award-winning nonprofit Lonely Whale, founded by Adrian Grenier and Lucy Sumner and known for global campaigns on reducing plastics and keeping oceans clean, Lauren is kicking off the “PlayItForward” digital pledge, which “encourages brands and individuals to commit to doing one act daily that helps the environment during Earth Month.”

We applaud Lauren and the OL Reign for their commitment to creating awareness about sustainability, that will make an impact on teams, communities and individuals everywhere. “OL Reign is a leader in the NWSL for its sustainability efforts…using reusable food and beverage products, switching 40% of player meals to vegan, placing educational signage in the team’s facility about plastic and its effects on the environment, and partnering with local businesses driving sustainability initiatives on a community level…”

Small changes can make a big impact.

Happy Earth Month!

💚  Goodwell Co.


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