Update #5

We’ve made some good progress during the past two weeks, and we now have T0 samples of every part of the Be Brush! Our engineers are working on analyzing the data from the many internal gears and components now, and the next step is for the injection molder to produce T1 samples (more refined than T0) based on that analysis. That process will take a few weeks while the steel tooling is modified and new parts are produced.

This photo shows a few of just about every component of the brush during our first engineering assessment of the week.
Some of the parts are coming together really nicely, including these gear carriers and metal retaining rings.

The company that makes the machines for ultrasonic welding and thermal sealing is working on our custom tooling that’s used to seal the outer case and some of the inner assemblies. Using these processes allows us to avoid glue or extra fasteners and gives the brush a water-tight seal all the way around. Progress all around!

Thermal Sealing
Ultrasonic Welding

Below is the latest overview of where things are at in the production cycle of Be. Brush. The idea behind showing progression in a GANTT chart is to give you transparency into what we're working on, broken down to the component level, so you know on a bi-weekly basis what has been done, and what is left to do. Check out the full size chart HERE.

That's all for today, we will be updating you again in 2 weeks. Thank you for your support, Be.!


Team Be.


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