Update #4

This week, we received the majority of our gears and internal components to begin testing subassemblies with actual production parts. The picture below shows a few of us putting together first production part subassemblies. The little white gearbox we are working on holds 21 individual parts that work together to take the power from the motor, regulate that power, and send it up to the brush head.

As you can see in the photo below, we have first production samples of almost every part of the brush, with the exception of the handle, the brush head, and some of the power output mechanism that drives the head. As soon as those arrive, we’ll be able to test the full brush with production parts!

Below is the latest overview of where things are at in the production cycle of Be. Brush. The idea behind showing progression in a GANTT chart is to give you transparency into what we're working on, broken down to the component level, so you know on a bi-weekly basis what has been done, and what is left to do. Check out the full size chart HERE.

Thanks again for your support Be. Backers! We will be back in 2 weeks with another report. 


Team Be.


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