Update #1

Hello! This update is an overview of where things are at in the production cycle of your long awaited Be. Brush pre-order. The idea of showing a progression in a GANTT chart will give you transparency into what we're working on, broken down to the component level, so you know on a bi-weekly basis what has been done, and what is left to do. The good news is that at a high level, we're almost there people!! woo hoo! There are a few things that are still unknown and in the works, but as a whole, we are looking really good. 

Obviously the text on this is itty bitty ( there are a lot of parts, we're essentially making a mechanical clock that functions as a toothbrush!  ) - so check out the up-to-date full size chart HERE.

Seeing green is good, and as you can see the majority of the chart is green. The metal components are for the most part complete, including first articles and full production. The plastic parts are the time consuming components. All of the tools are set to be done in a few weeks, and first assemblies are going to be put together immediately after that. We prioritized the largest components/tools to be made first (case parts, housings, etc), so the subsequent smaller components/tools will take less time to complete.  As soon as those first assemblies are complete, tested for function, efficacy and life we pull the gates and go full-on production and shipping to you! We're counting down the weeks y'all - it's coming.  Shot of one of the completed tools below.

 We'll be updating the gantt chart and sending a you bi-weekly view of the progress and timeline. Thanks again for your unwavering support, we truly appreciate you and your contribution to making this happen.


Team Be.


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