Update #19

Hello Be. Brush Pre-Order Community!

Since the last update, we’ve continued to work with our engineering team here in the Portland area as well as our engineers in China to increase the oscillation strength of the brush head to hold up to safe and effective brushing. Our goal has always been for the brush to provide a great cleaning while also limiting the ability to brush too hard and hurt your gums/teeth. Finding that balance has been a challenge.

Today, we’re extremely proud and excited to share with you that after months of trials, we finally hit those goals! Through a series of engineering tests of variations in the internal components that drive the brush head, we found the solution. So, what does this mean for you and the project? This means we’re locking the design and moving forward to the next big milestone in the manufacturing process, the Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT) build.

The video below shows the brush oscillating for two minutes pressed against a set of fake teeth with reasonable pressure.

The EVT build will result in about 200 working units, some of which will be used for reliability testing (waterproof tests, destructive tests, lifetime tests, etc.), and the remainder of which will be used by us and a group of beta testers to brush our teeth in the real world. These brushes are going to look and feel just like the mass production units, and the EVT build process will let our engineers confirm all components before we’re ready to start ramping up to mass production.

The current estimate to receive these working brushes is mid-July, and we’re looking for local Portland, Oregon backers to come test out the brushes. If you’re interested, please sign up here: 


If you signed up in the past, we already have your contact information and will contact you when the brushes are ready!

We’ll share our feedback and our beta testers’ feedback with you once we’ve been able to use the brushes for a little while. That user testing is a critical stage in the new product development process that will inform our next decisions going into mass production.

We’re feeling more optimistic than ever about the progress and revolutionary product we’re developing. We can finally see the finish line in sight! If all goes well with the EVT units, we’ll move into the Production Validation and Testing (PVT) phase, which allows the factory to refine each step in the process as we ramp up to mass production levels.

We are super grateful for our pre-order community—you are our most important fulfilment priority. Everyone here will be first in line to receive their products as soon as they are available to ship.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there,

- Goodwell Co.