Update #17

Hello Be. Brush Community!
Since our team is so entrenched in this project, we thought that it would be a good idea to give the opportunity to some local backer friends to come into our office and try out a (clean and sanitized) Be. Brush P1 sample and give us some outsider feedback. Some clips from our qualitative interviews below:
We’re happy to report that the feedback results revealed no major issues or improvements outside of what we’re already working to improve! As a recap from the last update, the improvements in progress now regarding the brush head are:
1. Limit the amount of pressure the brusher can put on their teeth (above 150g of pressure is bad) to avoid enamel damage and reduce the risk of gum recession. The brush head should stop oscillating when too much pressure is applied.
2. Make sure that the brush runs for two minutes or more within the specified pressure range of 120-150g. The brush runs for more than two minutes now, and we’re fine-tuning the output speed to get the right balance of time and pressure.
The next sample run is called the P2 build, and it’s the final pilot build before we start running larger quantities. In P2 we’re producing 60 units, half of which are going to be used for all kinds of validation and testing purposes (functional testing, stress testing, life testing, fixture testing, etc.), and the remaining 30 units are going to be shipped to us. As of now, it’s looking like those should be in our possession around the third week of January.
We would like to do another round of user testing with these P2 units, so if there are any willing backers in the Portland, Oregon area who would like to come to our office and brush their teeth on camera, please sign up here: https://forms.gle/AP9issVbwwUaYn5z6
Our next update will cover the P2 sample arrival as well as any updates to the overall expected timeline. Based on the schedule for this final prototype build and the upcoming engineering builds of 100+ brushes, we expect to ship the first beta units in early Q2 next year. Once beta units are shipping, mass production will follow closely behind, and we’ll have a realistic schedule to fulfill all of our pre-orders.
Until then, we thank you for your continued support and faith in our small team as we continue to make Be. Brush a reality. Our pre-order community is our most important priority, and everyone here will be the first to receive their products as soon as they are available to ship.
We wish you a very happy and safe holiday!