Update #16

We received the first batch of 11 working units from the factory this week, and we’re excited to share the news with you! This was called the “P1 build”, which means it’s the first multi-unit prototype build on a full assembly line using production parts.

Since we can’t travel to China right now, we had a live video stream into the factory to see the process and talk to our engineers about each step in the process as it happened. There were about 30 people on the production line, which probably sounds like overkill for 11 units, but this process gives the factory the opportunity to understand and improve the production process for future, larger builds. 

The video below shows the handle assembly process during the P1 build.

This is a major milestone for the project, and we’re enthusiastic about the results overall. The samples aren’t perfect, but, as you’ll see in the video below, they’re brushing well and running for more than two minutes.

We thought about brushing our own teeth for this video, but we've all been heavily handling these brushes, so this seemed more appropriate and sanitary to show the brush on fake teeth! Also, it’s much easier to see it working when it’s not inside a mouth... 

The strength required to turn the handle is less now than on previous builds (a good thing), and we’ll be able to reduce it further by adding lubrication to a few strategic components inside to make the brush comfortable for everyone to use.

Next steps:
Our factory is updating part of the brush head to increase the oscillation strength. It’s about 85% of where it needs to be, and we believe we know what needs to change to bring it up to 100%.

Our current projection for shipping beta units has moved from December, 2020 to the first quarter of 2021. We’ll have an actual timeline for you after the next build (P2), where we’ll refine all the details prior to ramping up to mass production.

Our next update will cover the P2 schedule as well as an overall expected timeline. Until then, we thank you for your continued support and faith in our small team as we climb this mountain that we endearingly call Be. Brush 😀