Update #10


The FAI numbers that we were waiting for in the last update have started to arrive. Most of the parts need some improvement, although many dimensions are already within the specified tolerance range. The example report below shows one such part (a tiny internal component that is part of the on/off switch mechanism) with an internal hole diameter out of spec by 0.12 - 0.15 mm. Based on these reports, our molder is working on parameter changes to their injection process (injection speed, injection pressure, molding temperature, cooling time, etc.) to bring all dimensions within tolerance. It’s great to see numbers like these to quantify what we’re seeing during test assembly. Although it’s not perfect yet, it’s definitely progress.

We have reports for all the items pictured below and expect to receive more dimensional updates in the coming weeks.

One of the last metal part shipments to arrive at our assembly facility in Chicago is the brass brake arms pictured below, which showed up on Monday. These parts act as dragging weights to smooth the mechanical energy coming from the power spring that would otherwise make the brush head speed up and slow down to a degree that it would feel strange while brushing. They’re attached to little springs that allow them to ease in and out depending on the output torque coming from the spring.

Below is the latest overview of where things are at in the production cycle of Be. Brush. The idea behind showing progression in a GANTT chart is to give you transparency into what we're working on, broken down to the component level, so you know on a bi-weekly basis what has been done, and what is left to do. Check out the full size chart HERE.

That's all for this week! 


Team Be.