Update #11

We received the updated power spring sample from our vendor, and the torque testing shows that it’s right in line with the ideal range calculated by our engineers. The photo below shows the testing method: the torque meter is clamped in a vise, and the motor is attached to the chuck, which measures the rotational force applied by hand turning the spring. Then we take a measurement at each 360º rotation and plot it on the chart below. This revised motor design has a wrap-around sleeve that still needs a little work to get it in spec, but it’s close.

Our gear manufacturer is working on T2 samples now, which means they’re adjusting the molding parameters and slightly modifying the tooling to bring the gears into spec. These are pretty specific engineering-grade gears, so it requires an injection molder who knows how to handle tight tolerances. We’ll keep you updated when these samples arrive.

Below is the latest overview of where things are at in the production cycle of Be. Brush. The idea behind showing progression in a GANTT chart is to give you transparency into what we're working on, broken down to the component level, so you know on a bi-weekly basis what has been done, and what is left to do. Check out the full size chart HERE.

Back with another update in two weeks!


Team Be.