No batteries.
No charger.

The future of power

Clean teeth without the waste.

Customer reviews


Absolutely love love love.
Love the premium toothbrush, 100% satisfied with the quality! I was a little worried about the bristle being too soft but the roughness is PERFECT! not too soft not rough, I'm so pleased!


No other toothbrush compares!
I'll use Goodwell until the day I die. In an age where there is almost more plastic in the sea than fish, subscribing to Goodwell's bamboo toothbrush is a no-brainer.

Jeanine P.

Huge improvement!
I'm glad these are back in stock so I don't need to use the regular plastic flossers. thank you for listening to our feedback and making improvements to the design, they work much better than before.


Love my toothbrush!

I am so glad I found Goodwell! I love the balance and reach of the handle (I am able to effortlessly brush my bottom wisdom teeth way in the back)... the classy understated colors (gold and ivory) are much better than the garish colors used in plastic mass-produced toothbrushes. Nice work Goodwell!

Tristan P.

Incredible design

I've been waiting for a product like this for years. Maybe decades. Something that keeps my teeth clean and protects the environment. Thank you!

Redefine your ritual

Simply twist the handle to charge the brush.

The cleanest way to clean

Bail on batteries, ciao to charging, cheerio to cables, and goodbye to garbage.
Yes, I'm premium
For a good time, call this flosser
Pacific Mint
Natural toothpaste
Peppermint with a hint of sea salt
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